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Stay Protected With A Maintenance Contract


Installing systems such as security cameras and fire alarms to safeguard your business premises is an important step but maintaining the systems themselves is just as crucial.

An alarm that repeatedly goes off or CCTV cameras that are too dirty to record a clear image won’t provide effective protection, so how can you ensure you’re fully covered 24-7?

Putting a maintenance contract in place not only offers peace of mind, it also prevents unexpected bills for breakdowns and repairs and ensures you’re complying with health and safety regulations. It’s easy to forget when a security alarm service is due or a fire system needs its annual check, but failure to maintain safety and security systems can have serious consequences.

If you don’t carry out maintenance as required, it could invalidate your insurance policy in the case of an incident. And a fire alarm that doesn’t sound in an emergency could be catastrophic, so why not put it all in the hands of an expert?

At Absolute Protection Group we offer maintenance contracts for a wide range of security and fire safety equipment such as intruder alarms and CCTV cameras, door entry systems, fire alarms, automatic gates and barriers, and fire extinguishers.

A contract means we’ll visit to carry out regular maintenance checks and services at pre-arranged times to make sure all your systems and equipment are working properly, and we’re on call if you have an issue such as a barrier that’s stuck or an alarm that won’t stop sounding.

Legally, fire safety systems must be maintained by a competent person, from the servicing and commissioning of fire extinguishers to checks on smoke detectors and alarms. It is recommended in BS5839-1 that maintenance is completed every 6 months after commissioning. If you need training on how to use your fire system we can support with that too.

There are lots of rules and regulations relating to building safety and security so it’s worth taking expert advice to ensure you’ve got everything covered. A break-in or a fire can have a devastating impact so take action before it’s too late.

Not only will you have peace of mind that your fire detection and alarm systems will operate in an emergency, maintenance contracts can also save you money. Non-contracted call-outs can be costly and regular servicing can also ensure that your systems operate efficiently for the lifetime of the technology avoiding costly components.

Absolute Protection Group has the expertise and experience to look after all your needs, from the design and installation of systems to maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. We work with businesses of all sizes, from small shops to large industrial units, and we offer prices to suit all budgets.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation survey. If you’ve already got a maintenance contract, we’ll do our best to beat the price and save you money. We’re confident you’ll be 100% happy with our service so call 01622 437838 for more details.