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Absolute Protection Group - Crime is rising - How to protect your business

Crime is rising – How to protect your business

During a cost of living crisis, all types of criminal activity rise as thieves go to any lengths and are prepared to take more risks to meet the spiralling costs of food and fuel.

This sends figures for everything from violent street crime to thefts in rural areas soaring.

Farmers are particularly vulnerable. Their businesses – often situated miles from anywhere – make their high-value machinery and vehicles an attractive target for thieves and insurer NFU Mutual has reported that the cost of rural crime is up almost 50% on the same period last year in some parts of the country.

But the spike in thefts and burglaries is not confined to rural environments. Homes in urban areas are also seeing a crime spike as the realities of escalating costs bite.

At Absolute Protection Group, we know how devastating it can be when your home or business is targeted by thieves.

Founder David McKeown said: “I’ve seen first hand the upset and disruption victims of crime feel – it doesn’t just end when the broken window is repaired or the insurance replaces your brand new tractor.”

“The effects can go on for years. People often don’t feel comfortable leaving their homes or businesses for any length of time, holidays become difficult as people can’t relax and overall there’s a sense of violation which can be very difficult to overcome.”

Absolute Protection Group offers a suite of commercial and domestic security options to suit every need and budget – and gives you complete peace of mind.

We work with our clients to gain a full understanding of their objectives and their risks so we can pull together a security strategy that works for them. We have extensive expertise in the design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of reliable security systems for businesses of all sizes.

To ensure your home is in safe hands, we will come to see you at your property, run through all the potential solutions available to you and help you identify the right set up.

For both our commercial and domestic customers, our services include:

  • Intruder alarms – design, installation, commission and maintenance
  • Site surveys and strategy planning
  • Access systems, including key fob and biometric entry
  • Full turnstile entry systems including planning, installation and maintenance
  • Surveillance, including CCTV risk assessments
  • Service & maintenance
  • Monitoring systems via mobile apps or monitoring stations

Our commercial maintenance packages help to keep your business secure as risks are continually reviewed and mitigated against. Not only does this help you sleep at night, it could also help to lower your insurance premium.

We believe feeling safe should be a right, not something you have to fight for. Contact us for a free, no-obligation survey. If you’ve already got a maintenance contract, we’ll do our best to beat the price and save you money. Call 01622 437838 for more details.